Something’s a creepin’

Old school video games….8-bit pixels….polygon avatars…ah those were the days 🙂 Now with advent of Retrogamers, Minecraft was born! Chuck full of pixelated goodness that even hip youngsters today can’t get enough of it. As an avid follower of all things geeky and nerdy, may it be anime,manga, video games, books, sci fi,etc…

I was quite excited to be able to share this with my 7yr old nephew. Last friday, I had the immense pleasure of making him a Minecraft Creeper cake (it took me around an hour or two icing in the pixels and then its face). Watching him grow up and being able to chat to him about Harry Potter, Batman,Superman or even share a great disdain of the creeper’s habit of wrecking anything in its path…

I’m content that I was able to get him to the Geek!! 😉Image


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