It’s Morphin Time!!


Its Morphin Time!!

As a kid growing up in the 90’s, this call was synonymous to the word ‘awesome’ 🙂 Power Rangers broke into the tv screens and into our lives..and still lives on when we grow into adults. Fans who become parents and share this journey with their children ensure that our love for PR stay strong. Now, fastforward to today…I’m 25yrs old and still loving PR..was lucky enough to meet Johnny Yong Bosch who played the 2nd Black Ranger in the original MMPR series.My childhood hero who inspired me as a growing Asian kid that we can be what we want to be without sacrificing ourselves and our friends.

People may say it’s old-school, but this message is still relevant to us today and tomorrow and the future, especially at times of hardship, violence and loss of hope around the world. Today’s kids are going wild and seem to lack guidance, but Power Rangers in essence gives us youths the power to do what’s good, not just fighting monsters but making the world livable and decent for the future gens. Now amidst competition to more ‘hip’ shows like Walking Dead, Green Arrow,etc..

PR is still on going, still touching hearts and changing lives: from children suffering great tragedies and rising from it thru courage and hope imparted by our teen heroes, Teens with attitude; finally meeting your hero in the flesh and feeling a sense of achievement…whatever we take from this, it binds us together..whether you’re into the PR shows or its japanese counterparts, Super Sentai, we all agree that PR will stay with grab your morphers and it’s Morphin Time!!



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